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Find out how EMDR therapy can accelerate your healing process

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Welcome to AK Counseling Services!

Counseling for Adults, Couples, Kids and Teens

Are you feeling held back in your social life, relationships or personal development? Dealing with the stressors of modern life can be overwhelming and prevent you from living the life you want! Whether at home, work or school; the challenges we can’t seem to overcome eventually leave us feeling exhausted and hopeless. We backslide or remain stagnant. In therapy, couples and individuals gain new perspectives and learn more effective ways of correcting the interactions and patterns that lead to us to frustration, hurt, and misunderstandings. Through changing and improving the outlook and perspective about the world around you, many sources of negative feelings are resolved and things start to change for the better. But, the right counselor can help energize and empower you to overcome your obstacles. 

Working with Alice

Have a look around our site! And watch our introductory video to meet our licensed professional counselor, Alice Keshmeshian. She counsels and collaborates with clients regarding mental health issues; depression, trauma, anxiety and more. And, she will work diligently to provide you with customized skills to break through barriers and discover a freer and fulfilling way of living. With proficiency in techniques like CBT, DBT, and EMDR combined with years of practice and real-life experience, Alice brings an impressive well of wisdom to the table. At AK Counseling Services, Alice uses effective strategies that are proven to work. You’ll gain the support and skills you need to help you achieve your goals, and you'll therefore be better prepared to face future life challenges.

Find the Best Counselor for You

Of course, choosing a therapist is an important decision. At AK Counseling Services, we believe in working with intuition, compassion, and optimism. Likewise, collaboration is essential to clients’ healing process and success.  If you, your family, or someone you know is ready to take a huge step towards health and happiness, then contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.




Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect to be in treatment?

Each person’s or couples’ therapeutic goals are unique, as is their state of readiness and ability to implement therapeutic ...

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Does AK Counseling Services accept insurance?

AK Counseling Services does not accept insurance. Alice Keshmeshian is an out-of-network provider. Many ...

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What happens during our first appointment?

During your initial appointment, Alice will take the opportunity to get to know you. She will ask you critical questions while ...

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