Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right therapist can become a challenging task. We want to help make it easier by providing answers to the most frequently asked questions of new clients. Please contact us if you have a question that is not listed below and we will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect to be in treatment?

Each person’s or couples’ goals are unique, as is their state of readiness and ability to implement learned strategies. The honest answer is that although you might begin feeling better as soon as your first appointment, there is no set time frame for completion of treatment that would be accurate for everyone. Therapy unfolds in its own way and time for each client. AK Counseling Services strives to speed up your progress with tailored treatment that incorporates evidence-based and clinically proven methods. By combining the most effective treatments with a thorough and customized plan, we see great results in less time.

Does AK Counseling Services accept insurance?

AK Counseling Services accepts cash, health savings accounts (HSA), and all major credit cards.

Alice Keshmeshian is an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. Many insurance companies will reimburse a portion of fees for out-of-network services. Please check with your insurance company regarding policies and reimbursement rates as health insurance plans and benefits vary. We will provide you with a superbill, which is the document insurance companies require you to submit for reimbursement of out of network services.

Which conditions do you treat?

Alice works with clients of all ages who experience a wide variety of challenges. She has experience working with anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, social anxiety, OCD, post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, and phobias), mood disorders (depression, bipolar disorder, and more), eating disorders, personality disorders, ADHD, low self-esteem, body image issues, and substance abuse. If you do not see the issue you are facing on this FAQs page, feel free to contact us!

What happens during our first appointment?

During your initial appointment, Alice will take the opportunity to get to know you. She will complete a full assessment in order to gain a clear understanding of your concerns and what you would like to achieve from therapy. Finally, she will work with you on designing a customized treatment plan, based on your specific needs.

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