Adolescent Counseling

Counseling for Teens

Do you have an adolescent who’s dealing with feelings of depression or anger, or experiencing anxiety? Teenagers struggle just like adults do, but sometimes find it hard to express their feelings and explain their needs. Plus, they may be fearful, shameful, and even distrustful when it comes to revealing their challenges. They face complex situations at school, within families, and with their own mental and emotional health. This may cause feelings of frustration and confusion that can manifest into behavioral problems that impact various aspects of their lives.

Maybe they are withdrawn from family and friends, destructive, avoid responsibilities, or turn to substances in an effort to cope. Finding a trusted counselor can help release the pressure they face and give them a boost in confidence. Alice uses a direct, but gentle approach to help teens gain emotional stability through effective coping skills that help them combat even the most challenging circumstances life can throw at them. Learning and applying these valuable skills in daily life helps teens become empowered, gain independence, and thrive. Learning healthy, effective coping skills can help teens increase self-esteem, establish independence, and improve their relationships. 

Experience Treating Adolescents

Alice has significant experience working with teens in both residential treatment centers and private practice. At Star View Adolescent Center in California, she helped emotionally traumatized teens between the ages of 12 – 17 tackle issues like self-esteem, anger, depression, communication, and relationship skill building. Receiving treatment at a younger age will set your teen on a path towards self-reliance, improved reasoning, and better decision making.

Helping Your Teenager

Contact AK Counseling Services to schedule a free phone consultation with Alice. She will ask for some general info about your situation, and may go over possible strategies for therapy. We will then plan a time for an initial assessment, during which Alice and the client(s) will create a custom treatment plan. Taking this important first step is half the battle! We look forward to hearing from you and your teen.

Adolescent therapy can help teens understand their emotions and how to respond to them
Adolescent counseling helps teen boys develop effective strategies to deal with life challenges
Adolescent counseling to help teens gain self-esteem and confidence
Adolescent counseling can provide teens a safe and supportive environment in which to share their feelings and anxieties

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