Child Counseling

Strengthening Your Family

Depending on specific needs of a child and their family, Alice provides Child Counseling on a one-on-one basis and/or includes family members, as needed. She is aware each family is a complex unit; a mixture of adults and children, all of whom have their own challenges and strengths. For this reason, child Counseling can be highly effective for families experiencing emotional and behavioral issues, as well as difficulty communicating. As parents, we would do anything to help our child, but sometimes, it can become overwhelming. You may feel like you have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Treatment using proven methodologies can provide children and parents with effective ways to resolve issues, so everyone can get back to having fun!

At AK Counseling, we emphasize compassion and skill-building for kids. Alice aims for a positive, encouraging experience for your child. She works to build self-esteem as the child masters skills for coping with environmental, health, or behavioral issues. As the child feels understood, respected and empowered during therapy, they may be more able to understand and process the difficulties in their life. This can lessen their fear, anxiety, anger and depression, which will help the whole family function positively and grow together.

Helping You Help Your Child

Alice works compassionately with children, helping them deal with common life transitions. Divorce, blended families, moving, adoption, siblings and school can all throw kids off balance. She is also experienced with difficult situations like bullying, varying trauma and mental illness. And, she helps support parents by addressing behavioral concerns.

Alice can help you calm the chaos. She’ll include and support you while balancing the individual needs of your child with those of the family. You’ll feel empowered and confident with new strategies and skills to reduce the stress at home.

A Proactive Step

If you’re considering counseling for your child/children, please contact AK Counseling for a free phone consultation with Alice. She’ll answer questions, address concerns, and discuss how she can help your child and family. We look forward to joining you and your child on the road to health, happiness, and a more carefree life!

Child counseling can help support kids that are being bullied, helping them feel comfortable reaching out for help and assisting them in developing their self-esteem and confidence
Child Counseling
Child counseling can be beneficial for children who express fears or anxiety about general or specific topics. Children can overcome these anxious feelings and thoughts by developing effective coping skills to conquer their anxiety
Child counseling can provide kids a safe place to discuss difficult topics and emotions, using therapeutic games and methods

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