Couples Counseling

Save Your Relationship

Are you feeling lonely, even though you’re in a relationship? Maybe you are feeling disconnected or trying to heal from an affair. Do you find yourselves constantly arguing? At AK Counseling Services, we understand that there are many reasons couples may find themselves on shaky ground. But, therapy can provide a path to healing, regaining trust, and learning to communicate effectively with one another.

Alice helps couples reconnect by sharing relationship-saving techniques that will help rebuild and strengthen their foundation. Whether you are married or dating, any relationship can benefit from enhanced communication and a more durable bond. Your relationship will thrive when both members are invested—and therapy is a great place to start!

Professional Couples Counseling

You might be wondering if seeking couples counseling by a licensed professional counselor is right for you and your partner. Alice works collaboratively with couples, offering effective, yet practical solutions to a variety of issues that can occur in relationships. A relationship can become significantly impacted by many factors including one’s career, family dynamic, children, mood, societal pressures, health issues, and more. Alice will focus on proven techniques that strengthen and unite couples, despite any outside influences. Gaining these therapeutic skills will help both of you change the way you see and understand one another, which promotes mutual respect and increased marital/relationship satisfaction.

Your Relationship is Worth It

Prior to scheduling your initial appointment, we offer a free phone consultation with Alice, so that you may get to know her and discuss your specific concerns. She is experienced in providing evidence based therapy methods that are proven to generate results. Alice enjoys helping couples heal and renew their relationship, as well as discover ways in which to continually enhance their connection for years to come. Give us a call today to start the process of saving the relationship you hold most dear. It’s a perfect way to express that you care and are committed to your relationship.

Couples counseling can help you develop a deep emotional connection that consequently enhances physical intimacy
Couples counseling can provide communication skills that will help you talk openly, without the conversation becoming an argument or fight
Couples counseling can provide a safe and supportive place to discuss difficult topics and emotions
Couples counseling can help increase marital satisfaction by rebuilding trust and developing understanding

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