Family Counseling

Family Relations + Stress

When our family dynamic turns stressful, it affects all aspects of our lives. Work performance can suffer, family members may experience depression or anxiety, and everyone feels unsettled. Relationships might take a turn for the worse; resentment builds, tempers flare. We all want a warm, loving home and healthy dynamics within our relationships. But, it can be difficult balancing parental responsibilities, careers, and relationship maintenance with our spouse, family, and friends. Family life is made of many moving parts, and when one is out of sync, the whole system suffers.

Restore Stability

Oftentimes family counseling is precipitated by a significant or traumatic event. This can include a divorce, death of a loved one, or by a move. But, many times families can benefit from therapy regarding problematic aspects of their family group dynamic. Mental illness, behavioral problems, and substance abuse are all situations that can put strain on families. By addressing these issues with a qualified therapist like Alice, you will strengthen bonds, and help your family members feel empowered, respected and safe.

No matter the reason for seeking counseling, Alice can help your family make strategic changes that restore stability.  Alice’s work is centered on honoring your relationships with the ones who matter most. You will collaborate on a custom family treatment plan, set goals, and achieve milestones together!

Create a Stronger Bond

They say families who play together stay together. The same can be said for therapy. When you take on a large task as a family unit, work as a team, and see results, you become a stronger unit. And, the great thing about seeking therapy now is: benefits can extend for years and generations to come! Simply put, the sooner, the better. Contact us now to learn more about Alice’s treatment options for families. We offer a free phone consultation with Alice, wherein you can share your situation and concerns, as well as ask questions. We hope to hear from you soon to discuss how we can help you and your family!

Family counseling can provide support in communicating in an effective way to reduce and eliminate constant arguments or fighting
Family counseling can be helpful for every member of the family, offering effective resolutions to many life challenges including behavioral issues, divorce, blended families, substance abuse, and more
Family counseling can be beneficial for children affected by witnessing continuous arguments by family members, developing anxiety and behavioral problems
Family counseling can provide a safe and supportive place to discuss difficult topics and emotions for all members of the family

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