Marriage Counseling

How Marriage Counseling Can Help Save Your Marriage!

We have busy lives-stuck in what seems like endless cycles of ‘doing’. Our relationship expert, Alice will help you and your partner with a variety of issues including communication and conflict resolution, infidelity, phase of life/transition, and a variety of other issues that may be impacting your relationship. Her approach focuses on learning about you and your partner to identify and help build upon the strengths you each offer in your relationship, and developing new tools to help you work together, communicate and problem solve. She assists couples rediscover joy of being together, deepen their connection and communication, and reestablishing trust with one another.

How Can Marriage Counseling Help?

Alice uses proven methods including Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). She helps couples understand and react differently to their emotional responses. This helps couples gain a greater understanding of each other, which leads to creating new, positive cycles of interaction. When receiving EFT, 90 percent of married couples report significant improvements in their relationship. The skills you will gain from receiving EFT at AK Counseling Services can help you and your spouse foster healthy attachment and develop a more satisfying relationship that will flourish!

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Whether to begin marriage counseling is a big decision. Studies show couples who receive treatment at the early signs of marital conflicts have higher rates of success than those who wait. This is because sometimes when couples wait too long to get help, their initial problems have spiraled into bigger, more pervasive issues. In such cases, saving the relationship can be more challenging, but not hopeless. Since 2006, Alice provides couples simple, but effective strategies that helps them get back on the same path, walking side by side through life, instead of standing on opposing sides of one another. We’d love the opportunity to help you and your spouse receive ongoing support, feedback and guidance as you improve your relationship. Call or text us today at (720) 580-1060 for free phone consult with Alice!

Marriage Counseling
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Marriage Counseling
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