Psychological Testing

What is Psychological Testing?

There are many types of psychological tests. Some assess personality, some evaluate functioning, and others may consist of a simple checklist. Basically, they are used in clinical treatment as a standardized way to measure any number of variables—helping Alice arrive at an accurate diagnosis or starting point for your treatment.

We also provide some psychological testing to people who wish to take a specific test, or are wondering about a specific disorder (like depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, personality disorders, etc.).

Receiving an Accurate Diagnosis

At AK Counseling Services, we commit and strive to provide you the best mental and behavioral health care possible. To accomplish this, we work hard to start all clients in treatment with a unique and accurately individualized treatment plan. At times, it can be beneficial to use psychological testing as one of the components to making an accurate diagnosis, or prior to beginning specific psychological treatments.

To create your treatment plan, we pair scientifically validated psychological testing with knowledge and experience. It’s important that Alice administers treatment specific to you and your needs. AK Counseling aims to deliver the highest quality services possible. This focuses your session, makes use of time, and helps ensure that you attain your goals as quickly as possible.

Schedule a Psychological Test

The psychological tests we use are built on years of research and study, but many can be taken in a short time. Some can be arranged to be taken online at a location of your choice, while others can be taken in office or at home. They are useful tools that will help steer your treatment in the right direction, or give insight into what might be causing some of your challenges. Alice will provide and discuss the results of the psychological test(s) with you, as well as how to best use the information to shape and develop your treatment plan to most effectively help you attain your goals.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions about psychological testing, or if you are interested in a specific test. We would love to hear from you! We will discuss availability and administration procedures.

Psychological testing includes short, easy questions and can be done online at your convenience, in your home or therapist’s office
Psychological testing can include the MMPI, MMPI 2, BSI, TLEQ, and more
Psychological testing can be added to a battery of assessments to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment
Psychological testing can help identify key issues that are causing your current symptoms

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